Friday, December 31, 2004

Are blogs going to replace the mainstream media?

Whether or not blogs are going to replace the mainstream media was talked about at Crooked Timber, Martin Stabe, and Spitbull.

I agree with what Spitbull said:

Anyone with an Internet connection and a functioning brain can provide analysis of and opinions on the news--newspapers no longer have a comparative advantage in that realm--but someone still has to do the hard work of reporting the news in the first place.

Bloggers have better news analysis and opinions than what you can read in a mainstream newspaper. But how many people are going to forsake mainstream sources and seek out blogs? When most people go online to read news, the first place they go to is,, or some other big news portal. So big news portals still control the opinions most web surfers read.

I think Matt Drudge has the largest readership of any alternative media source, but he doesn't really offer any of his own analysis or opinions.

I sure hope that blogs will help spread alternative points of view. Because there aren't enough libertarians in the mainstream media.


I went out with my anorexic roommate last night. Not much to say about that. Gave my phone number to two guys, so maybe I'll get some free dinners next week. I am looking forward to the New Year's Eve party tonight.


Anonymous said...

Saying Drudge doesn't offer opinions is like saying water doesn't have wet. You can see the cut of his jib just by watching the news he beats into the ground and what he sidelines and ignores.

Ian Schwartz said...

Hey you responded on my Blog "The Political Teen".. I don't know if you were going to cehck there again so I decided to respond here.

You have an awsome blog and it's nice to see the difference between Libertarians and Democrats.

Henry said...

Hello There from another blogspotter
I just recently (2 weeks ago) started my own blog and I'm going to blogroll you if you don't mind. I've enjoyed reading what few posts you have so far.

Keep up the good work!
(Just goes to show that hot chicks are political, too)

Henry said...

By the way, is a nice way to link directly to other blogs and reciprocate

you should check it out!

Cinomed Tweak said...

Drudge Report,
Man I would like to read that saite, maybe, just maybe, but come on! join the wonderful world of Web Design, that site breaks my brain everytime I try and look for something.

Forget it.

Anyrate, I posted on this same topic if you are interested, tell SayUncle thanks for shinging a spotlight on you and your blog. ^_^

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