Wednesday, January 12, 2005

And about fratguy from the New Year's Eve party

In case you're wondering about what happened to "fratguy" who I met at the New Year's Eve party, I'm going out on my first date with him on Saturday. Whee!!


Staunch Moderate said...

Poor guy. He's going to have every fault and misstep from the date appear on this blog. This is why I never date celebrities (well, that's one of the reasons why).

Aaronlane said...

In defense of fratguys everywhere:

I know you didn't claim we are, but the perception exists. Not all of us are lazy, slacking, beer swilling dullards.

Some are. Perhaps a higher percentage of the general population, but I doubt it.

Some of us are fairly skilled economists. Some of us get our op-eds published rather regularly.

Some of us got a combined 1400 on the GRE this morning.

Sorry, had to crow about it somewhere. If it helps, I'm still quite ugly.


Libertarian Girl said...

I'm flattered that someone thinks I'm a celebrity.

Steve said...

That's because you are. 879 page views in a day just half a month since you started publishing a blog? My blog (started two days later) gets what? 20? I'd say that kind of growth makes you a celebrity, at least in the blogging world. How many blogs do you know that get that many hits after even six months?

Libertarian Girl said...

I really think you guys are exaggerating how well my blog is doing. I only have 300 hits a day, and that's a real tiny number of people. Most of the hits probably come from people who find the blog by accident and don't even read anything.

There's no way I'm any kind of celebrity.

Steve said...

I enjoy your blog because you have interesting things to say, but at least one other person ( visits your blog for a different reason:

"If there is one girl blogger I'd like to meet, it's Libertarian Girl. Damn, what an incredible looking babe! I guess everyone else thinks so too, her blog is only like a day old and she already has way more traffic than my blog has."

He's probably wrong about the traffic (I would say you did a good job of getting into the search engines early). But he sounds like he's ogling Angelina Jolie or Britney Spears! Celebrities get these kind of fan letters. Even you have to admit that most bloggers don't have such dedicated "fans" :)

Point made.


Brian Macker said...

"Poor guy. He's going to have every fault and misstep from the date appear on this blog."

You were right on the money there, and it's not pretty.