Thursday, January 13, 2005

Men who like women with muscles

I noticed a spike in my website traffic today, and discovered that the source was a post linking to me from a blog named Transvigor.

Transvigor is a blog for men who like women with muscles. The blogger apparently discovered the post where I mentioned that I lift weights.

Having pretty big muscles for a girl (which I kind of enjoy), I know firsthand that more than a few guys get turned on by that, but it's pretty humorous to discover a whole blog devoted to the subject!


db said...

what is blog rolling?

Matt Armstrong said...

what do you deadlift?

Lingster said...

"Spike?" Darlin', I gave you your best day ever!

You're too cute not to post some cheesecake of yourself. Look at what my buddy Moxie does - and she's been on Dennis Miller. You don't have to strip down to your undies, just a form-fitting t-shirt. Flex a little and I'll have 20,000 female muscle fans checking out your site. Sex it up if you want real traffic.

And if you think it's humorous to find a blog dedicated to muscle girls, believe me, I'm just the tip of the iceberg. Take a look at Brian Moss' site or the Dee Kay site, but, ah, not from work.

If you've got anything remotely resembling defined musculature, I could probably convince the HerBiceps guys to do a photo session with you. Think about it.

Jondalar said...

Women with muscles are sooooooooooo sexy; even better when she can use those muscles to lift and carry a guy on her back, across her shoulders, etc.