Monday, January 10, 2005

No more free New York Times?

The New York Times is considering making its internet site a pay service. (Hat tip: Instapundit.)

From the Business Week article:

The New York Times, like all print publications, faces a quandary. A majority of the paper's readership now views the paper online, but the company still derives 90% of its revenues from newspapering.

The New York Times really does face a big problem, because paying subscribers will keep converting to free internet readers. Why pay money when you can read the same articles for free?

The Wall Street Journal also charges money, but there's a big difference. The Wall Street Journal has unique content that can't be read anywhere else. The New York Times mostly contains the same news that you can read at any other news site. Yes, people consider the New York Times to be the very best U.S. newspaper. But is it really so much better than everything else that enough people will pay for it?

If the New York Times website becomes a pay service, bloggers will stop linking to it and its reputation for being the newspaper of record will decline. I already prefer to link to the Washington Post (which observant readers of my blog know) because Washington Post articles stay online longer.


Ocean lover said...

As a New Yorker myself, I believe this is the Time's way of catching up on the subcriptions lost due to is constant side taking in the political arena. (Mainly slanting towards a Liberal agenda.) It's become kind of a joke here in New York, that if your looking to have your brain washed towards a particular point of view, the New York Times is your place to go. Because of this the Times has lost a record number of subscriptions over the past years and needs to find a way to recoup its loses. Will the current internet users pay to go on the Times from now on? Doubtfull. As you said, there really is no need to use the Times as its information can be obtained from many other papers and there is no specific nitch it covers, like the Wall Street journal. Final result, the Times will lose even more viewers and it will become a defunct paper, much like the New York Post.

The Ugly American said...

I personally DON'T consider the NY Timesto be a good paper. I consider it to be the MOST liberal paper on the face of the planet!

I promise, I won't pay to read Krugman or Dowd!

I like your site though! Keep up the good work!

Libertarian Girl said...

I LIKE the New York Times. Even though I'm a libertarian, I'm still a blue state girl.

Ocean lover said...

Don't get me wrong. The Times can be a good paper at time. (No pun intended)But they've allowed themselves to be viewed and listed as a liberal paper, and this stigma now follows them. Most people want to read the news and form their own opinion. Unfortunately, I'm a red state man so I guess we have some good arguements coming up soon. :)

Jacqueline Mackie Paisley Passey said...

In other news, The Economist magazine is now giving day passes to access all its online content for free in exchange for watching an ad.

moomoo said...

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