Friday, January 07, 2005

Social Security and Democrats

Right now, on the home page of the Democratic National Committee, we see a dire warning that Bush is going to cut future Social Security benefits.

Arnold King at Tech Central Station offers common sense. First he sums up the basic facts:

Future benefits that are promised under the current system are higher than what can be covered by taxes under current law. That means that either benefits have to be cut or taxes have to be raised. The status quo is not sustainable.

Then he tells us what he thinks about the DNC homepage:

The excess of promised future benefits over likely future tax revenues is something that needs to be addressed. One party seems prepared to step up to the plate, address the issue, and take the political heat for doing so. When the Democrats come forward with their tax-increase alternative, then we can have a real debate. Until then, it's just demagoguery.

I couldn't agree with Arnold more.

No wonder why I hate Democrats so much.


Ocean lover said...

I don't see why this would be so much of a suprise to you. One of the major reasons that many people have disillusioned with the Democratic party is because they never step up to the plate. All they seem to do lately is attack the ideas of teh Republicans, rather than offer solutions. I'll have to agree with you in the fact that the Dems are going to move further and further away from the middle road, rather than working to draw more people into the party. This trend they are on makes me hate them as much as you.

Adam said...

This is one thing that cheeses me off about this topic... it's always "future rates" being cut. That's not really what it is: The rate of increase is just going to slow. What I understand about Bush's plan is that instead of increasing with wage inflation, it will increase with regular economic inflation.

That isn't a cut. It's like saying you lost weight because instead of gaining five pounds over the holidays, you gained three. No you didn't.