Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Welcome to my blog!

I am finally part of the blogosphere. I will use my blog to put down all my politically incorrect libertarian thoughts. And there will also be interesting tidbits about my personal life.

So keep reading!


Mike said...

im libertarian to but what I want to know is why you chose to have such counterculural governmental beliefs.

Tim Worstall said...

Welcome to the blogosphere. Good to have a few more libertarians around.
DC eh? Worked there many years ago....10th and F (just above Metro Center) and also down in Alexandria. Waiting tables and tending bar before going to college.
Only bar I know is still around is The Brickskeller at 22 and P in the District. If you ever find yourself there raise a glass for me will you?

TWM said...

Welcome to the blogoshere!!

As a new blogger myself I know how exciting and frustrating this new hobby of yours will be.

But if my experience is any indication you are going to even enjoy the frustration.

If you get a chance check out my little blog - we may not agree on everything but sometimes the best reading is when you don't agree with someone.



Bruce said...

A libertarian living in DC, the big-government run amuck capital of the USA. Good luck to you.

Welcome to the jungle.

Preston Taylor Holmes said...

Welcome to the sphere. Luckily there's plenty of room for everyone. I'll be checking in as you look like a prime candidate for my crushes blogroll.

Jenny D. said...

Welcome. Always room for one more.

Countertop said...

Hey, welcome to D.C. Always room for another libertarian around here. Don't know where you work, but always willing to introduce you to various libertarian types around town.