Sunday, January 16, 2005

About last night

When I first met him, I called him fratguy because even though he's out of college he still had a sort of fraternity guy behavior about him. But once you get him away from a party with beer, he's less fratguy and more preppyguy trying to become yuppieguy. And yes, he went to an Ivy League college but I don't think he's all that bright. He probably got in with the minimum SAT scores, helped by his father being an alumni and his skill at playing lacrosse. Remember, the Ivy League schools aren't looking for the brightest students but the students most likely to be future leaders! He's probably working for a congressman in DC because his grades weren't high enough to get a job in investment banking (he says he's interested in politics), and his parents probably give him money to support his lifestyle. He says he applied to law school and is waiting to see where he's accepted.

He did talk about his work a lot, which normally is a big faux pas, but it's something I encouraged because I'm genuinely interested in hearing about what really goes on behind the scenes on Capitol Hill. (But if you have a boring job like computer programming, please don't tell me about it, I don't want to know!)

He has a cockiness about him that says "hey I'm God's gift to women," which I find to be simultaneously annoying and endearing. Of course he was eager to get me to go back to his apartment with him, and I decided to accept the invitation. His apartment is his biggest character flaw, it looks more like a college dorm room than living quarters for an adult. Yuck!

He's really good after hours, I can tell that he's had quite a bit of experience in the bedroom. This was probably just a one night thing, in a long term boyfriend I was hoping to find someone really intelligent and he's not. But it wasn't a bad one night thing.

I shouldn't really bring politics into this, but it's kind of hypocritical how he works for a conservative "pro-life" "family values" Christian congressman (not that I ever heard of the guy before, I looked him up on the internet), but he's all into having casual sex. Do the congressman's voters know what kind of un-Christian morals his staff has?


My response to these comments.


TWM said...

You are falling into the same "stereotypical" trap that ensnared the secular media and many of the lefties - and that is the assumption that all of the Congressman's voters share the same moral values as the Congressman. Some may, but my guess is many more do not.

There are plenty of good reasons to vote for (or against) someone - but what one horny young staffer does on his off time isn't high on anyone's list I imagine.

Paul Snively said...

Hey, I wish my computer programming job were a little more boring, actually.

Danny Taggart said...

Heh. I guess you're going the Wonkette route. Good luck with that.

Brian Macker said...

I don't suppose you've ever hear of the phrase "I don't kiss and tell"? There are reasons why people follow that principle. The least of which is that you are not likely to get new dates if you chronicle your prior ones on your blog. At least not with the type of guy you'd want to marry at some point in the future.

Your first posts on the subject of marriage seemed sweet as I assumed you were trying to work this mystery out for yourself, abet in public. However things became more mean spirited. I would stop worrying about whether your job choice or IQ are going to "condemn me to not getting married" and start worrying about your public behavior.

I'm not your dad but you might consult him on this. This kind of post isn't exactly in your enlightened self interest.

I thought I would be agreeing much more with someone who posts as libertariangirl. I'm delinking you because this is beginning to feel like a voyeuristic blog instead of a political one. Not to meantion I haven't agreed with many post. I thought it was neat to find a female libertarian to link to when I saw your first post. However now I think I am going to need to find a link by libertarianwoman and not girl.

I suggest you remove the entire post ASAP. Don't be surprised by nasty comments. Seems like you want to cultivate enemies and then give them the means to destroy you.

PS. I am not talking about myself.

Charles said...

LG, there is some danger (I guess you could call it that) in blogging about your dates. I haven't found anything offensive or particularly that you couldn't tell the guy to his face. Although being blunt about it would probably drive the guy off, all in all. I find the honesty and directness refreshing. You could end up hearing about it if he stumbled across your blog, or if your boss did, so that is something to consider.

As far as the congressional prostitute from Wonkette, according to her, she just found a way to supplement her income from all the gifts of cash and stuff the men she dated would give her, unasked. I don't see where LG is going this route, at least from the posts so far. She does seem to have some minimum standards to be met - you guys afraid you might not measure up or something? Even the most basic dating guides say be polite, a gentleman, get the woman to talk about herself, listen, make sure the drinks-dinner-show are interesting, don't be overeager. He obviously did okay, but LG was honest that she did not see this going anywhere.

I'm not saying don't offer good or bad points, but man alive, don't dump on her for being honest about what she thinks/saw/decided.

Paul Snively said...

I have to say that while I don't feel that LG has offered too much, the process of dating today makes me glad that I'm not single!

Phil said...

LOL! Maybe you should rename this blog "Libertarian Slut!"

FireWolf said...

Yeah LG, I will have to agree with some of these posts, tho I wouldn't resort to calling you viscious names.

I was hoping that this site would be a great blog to point my readers to for an honest counter opinion.

But that's different than pointing my readers to a woman with no dignity or self respect.


bob d said...

Unless you guys are really dense you must know that there are literally hundreds of thousands of blogs published by young women and these types of posts about their private lives are typical of the genre.

Libertarian Girl's blog is unusual because she mostly writes about politics. And that's why she actually has readers, because no one wants to read tens of thousands of words about nothing but women's feelings about men.

So here she lapsed into a post that's more typical of the kind of things that women her age usually post about. Often with a lot more detail than provided here. Big deal. All she proved is that besides being interested in politics she's also a regular young woman.

I can't believe that people wrote such petty and vicious comments about her. Maybe they're just jealous that they're not the guy she was with last night.

TWM said...

Bob d,

When I first read this post I was tempted to comment in a similar vein as many here, but changed my mind since it is not my place to tell another blogger how to blog.

That being said, I think she should offer the guy an opportunity to post his feelings about the "LG" experience. One wonders if she would feel flattered by his discription.

Phil said...

Looks like ol' "bob d" is a Libertarian Slut apologist.

Upon further inspection, he probably wants a piece of it. Live close to DC, bob d?

R said...

No, no, she's got readers because of that huge picture of her up in the top right corner. I myself come here out of the whole "car accident" curiosity. I read somewhere that, to put it lightly, there was a blogger who thought she was libertarian, but actually didn't know she wasn't, posting as "Libertarian Girl." Since visiting this blog I haven't been able to make heads or tails of her politics.

I mean, at least Ann Coulter knows what she's talking about.

By the way, software engineers kick all manner of ass. It's only the people too dense to appreciate what we do who "don't want to hear about it." Too high level for you? Ok.

Tim Swanson said...


JRadstem said...

First of all, everyone who said they were turned off or offended by this post, tough. If this was a male's blog, I'm guessing you woundn't be holding him to the same standard. This girl did something men do all the time, she had a fling. To tell the truth, I found this post refreshingly honest - girls like getting some too.

Second, this post only reinforces why I left Washington. I too used to work as an LA on the hill. I got sick of dealing with people who thought they were hot sh!t because they worked on the hill. Guess what? You aren't. And, LG, working on Capitol Hill isn't glamourous, it isn't exciting, it's mundane. Unless you work for leadership or a committee chair, you are pointless. Here's a little rule of thumb I learned, the more important someone tells you they are in DC, the less important they actually are.

skippy said...

libertarian girl, first time reader & poster here...

i'm of several minds about your post. first of all, it should come as no surprise that the staffers of a congressjerk (and even the congressjerk him/herself) hold completely different, and at times contradictory, moral positions in real life than those they profess to further in the hallowed halls of government.

that being said, i must agree with one of the posters above, that the folks who voted in that congressjerk don't particularly have the same values as the jerk. though one would think some values would be shared, else he/she would be out on his/her ass.

then again, being a libertarian, what does it matter to you? aren't you in favor of individual freedomunencumbered by government, as long as folks aren't hurting one another? if you used protection, bully for you and him. have whatever relationship you like.

you are not a slut, any more than newt gingrich is when he had sex with his senior staffer while his wife was in the hospital! in fact, you're less of a slut! you're single and honest about it!

you go girl!

Aaronlane said...

The problem with instituting a program of private school vouchers to allow students to offset the cost of a better education is twofold:

First, it requires a whole new system of government to administer such a system and decide who should get vouchers and in what amounts. This incurrs a deadweight cost not only int he administration but also in the fact that these people could be doing something better with their time.

Secondly it only extends the policy of transferring funds from one individual to another for specific purposes. It is another attempt to use taxation and refunding as an incentive to behavior.

A more logical and reasonable step would be to push for open enrollment among all public schools. This would subject the school systems to market forces of competition and give parents of kids in failing schools an option. As long as the Average Daily Attendance (ADA) funding followed the student schools would have an incentive to improve or risk losing their funding stream.

Oh. Date? Huh. Well. Sorry, my bad. Wrong neighborhood.


David said...

I'm not an expert on libertarianism or anything, but I hadn't realized that being a libertarian required vows of celibacy. Which is what one might conclude from some of the comments here. Guess it's just my ignorance..

Nominal said...

Why was I directed here?

I read the post, and really - who's the bigger loser? The loser, or the loser who sleeps with the loser?


Jacqueline Mackie Paisley Passey said...

Ignore them, LG. If you were a man they would not be leaving these comments. Stupid double standard.

However, given that the double standard exists, you might want to keep it in mind for future posts about dates. In the case of this post, leaving out the last two paragraphs might have been better.

I've blogged about dates myself, but I don't go so far as to say whether or not I'm sleeping with any of them.

TWM said...


I think she should write about whatever she wants.

However, you contradict yourself. On the one hand you tell her to ignore the comments and on the other hand you tell her to leave out the controversial parts.

And, I can't speak for the rest of these guys, but I would offer the same advice to a guy or a gal.

Steph said...

>(But if you have a boring job like computer programming, please don't tell me about it, I don't want to know!)

I like to listen to my boyfriend talk about computer programming, but that might just be me. Of course, I also have an interest in it, it might be helpful in future jobs, etc...

Ricky said...

Hey I linked to you, because of your political views. I don't want my readers to click on the link and think I'm some sort of pervert. We democrats had enough smut with Bill Clinton in the White House. Consider yourself on probation.

The New Democrat

Screamin' Demon said...

I couldn't care less who you sleep with, LG. But after reading your profile, I will second Jim Capozzola of The Rittenhouse Review, who sez:

If you are beyond the sophomore year of college, or like age, and you still regard Ayn Rand as a serious intellectual, well, you're just an idiot.

Jacqueline Mackie Paisley Passey said...

No contradiction. Some of the commenters' responses to her post were crude and nasty and should be ignored. However, given that people are going to make those sorts of comments to those sorts of posts, if she doesn't like receiving those sorts of responses she should keep that in mind for future posts.

_Atlas Shrugged_ is the second most influential book in the US after the Bible. Whether you like it or not, that warrants taking Ayn Rand seriously.

Greg said...

Some of the most foul-mouthed, depraved people I've ever met worked for Republicans, both the conservative Christian kind and those who just hate high taxes and love lobbyist perks. It's like you (not you personally) feel you have a special privilege to be crude just because you're doing so much good for the people. Another reason I have no desire to return to the government.

Arne Langsetmo said...

Atlas Shrugged is the second most influential book in the US after the Bible.Both rather trite fiction, IMO. I'd say that there's probably plenty better (and more influential) fiction than Ayn Rand's work. Think of Harriet Beecher Stowe, Hemingway, Mailer, Dubya, etc.

Jé Maverick said...


Just thought I would commend you on your honesty. I don't think you disaffected, immoral or indifferent, just gutsy.

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John said...

Fucking skank. You'd think there was one intelligent woman with priorities above slutting herself to cocky jerks.

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