Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Ant-semitism on the rise in Russia

Joe Gandelman has a detailed post this morning about anti-Semitism in Russia.

Considering how it's the Muslims blowing everything up all over the world, it's kind of surprising that so many people still hate the Jews.

Probably, its because if you dis Islam, they come and kill you and your family. But no one fears the Jews. Anti-semitism is like school children beating up on the little kid who looks different and doesn't defend himself (I feel so bad about doing stuff like that when I was in elementary school).


Jondalar said...

If you attack Israeli Jews, there will be a response. Never will the Jews be helpless and ' rely on the kindness of strangers.' That's why there is an Israel - so Jews can and will and do defend themselves. Let the world know the Jews arent always the stereotype of little Brooklyn Jewish boys and girls who were raised to be fearful of ... everything.
It is true and ironic that anti-semitism is on the rise when it's Islam that is doing all the destruction. But that is a situation endemic to Islam and Christianity because of their religious stances. It was the Church that set the stage and introduced anti-semitism , not Hitler. Anti-semitism , IMHO, will never go away because it is so entrenched inside of the 2 religions that originate from Judaism.
There are countries still anti-semitic that blame the Jews for all their ills, even when the Jews are no longer there in any sort of numbers worth considering, such as Poland and Iran and Syria and Egypt. Jews are some sort of archetype for the rest of the world. It would take a psychiatrist with alot more knowledge than I have of psychology, history, religions, social dynamics, mythology and numerous other fields, to really explain this phenomenon of Jew-hatred.

R said...

I'm sure the IRA doesn't appreciate being left out of your exclusive list of who blows what shit up in the world. There are probably some pro-life Christian abortion clinic bombers who would also take offense.