Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

I always wonder why anyone cares about Hollywood marriages at all! What possible difference does their relationship make to anyone’s life—except, of course, those who are acquainted with the couple? Why is the Associated Press even covering it?

So asks a commentor at Outside the Beltway regarding the news that Brad and Jennifer have broken up. I think it's just a hypothetical question which I'm not supposed to answer.

Last time I saw Brad Pitt was in the movie Troy. His muscles were so huge he was freaky looking. Muscles that big are a turn off. I believe the rumours that he took steroids.


Micah said...

I like Brad Pitt, but Troy was just a bad movie.

bob d said...

I kind of liked Troy.

one time blog said...

gay people are not allowed to get married inthe states. But hollywood star pitt has the brass balls to say" who said marriage is forever" Hollywood takes sanctity out of marriage, not gay men and women. That is whythe press should cover this. It's hypocrisy in the usa dictating the president and other officials over gay marriage, the country where divorce is now per brad pitt, a part of the "messiness of...marriage"