Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Financial impact of Rathergate

The Washington Post reports on the financial impact of Rathergate.

CBS Evening News is down in the ratings. But we learn that CBS Evening News doesn't make much money anyway:

Ad revenue from the "Evening News" accounts for only about 10 percent of the total revenue of the CBS News division, Moonves said.

CBS Evening News dates back to a time when there were only three major networks and their news reporting mattered. Today, we have all news cable channels like CNN, Fox, and MSNBC. I personally never watch any network news. I'm strictly a cable girl.

One wonders if it makes economic sense for Viacom to continue its commitment to CBS Evening News? I predict that Viacom will dump the Evening News and just stick with its more profitable magazine style shows like 60 Minutes.


Charles said...

I dunno, LG. Even though the evening news is a money loser, or at least non-generator, I am not sure they can just dump it. That would mean dumping most of the news division and ending up with no real capability to generate fast breaking stories of immediate interest. Tough, really tough, for them to break that mindset. You are right about cable news channels doing a much better job of reporting the "right now" stories. If they weren't clueless, the 3 networks could move to presenting the thoughtful, introspective, in-depth news analysis of a couple of stories (2-3) per night. Kind of the editorial page for news, admit the bias of an opinion, go past sound bites, and show how big ideas link together.

Oh, wait, that won't work. Deep analysis would mean abandoning most of their ideas as idiocy or unworkable meanderings of less educated minds.

Jeremy said...


"Cable girl"

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