Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Gary Condit lies under oath

Following in the footsteps of Democrat Bill Clinton, Gary Condit, also a Democrat, seems to be an incorrigible liar. The Washington Post reports that, in a pretrial deposition as part of a defamation suit he filed against Vanity Fair columnist Dominick Dunne, Condit denied having a "romantic relationship" with Chandra Levy.

Anyone who has followed the original story in the newspapers knows they were having a sexual relationship. And that some of the sex was pretty kinky. Not that there's anything wrong with kinky sex.

The inconsistency was pointed out by the article:

privately, he told investigators that he had an affair with Levy, law enforcement sources familiar with the case reiterated yesterday.


Condit's testimony drew a sharp rebuke from Chandra Levy's aunt. Linda Katz, formerly Linda Zamsky, has said that Levy told her about a love affair with Condit.

"I don't know what he's hiding. . . . I only know he lied," Katz said.


Bowly said...

Perhaps it was unromantic sex.

Jeremy said...

Oh God... you're not gonna go on one of those tiresome "compare every vice to Bill Clinton's presidency" rampages, are you?

C'mon... you can do better than that.

phaedrus said...

Sounds like a classic repressor to me!

Wow, weird. He perjured himself as a plantiff?