Saturday, January 08, 2005

I am evil

That's what this guy says about me. And he devoted hundreds of words to ranting about how evil I am too.


Adam said...

I'm not entirely sure how to respond to this. I was going to disagree with some of his lamer points in a reply to his post, until I got to the end. "I will no longer talk to libertarians." Well, crud. There goes that.

He's wrong about the steroid abusers comment. It would still be perfectly fine for the NBA/NFL/NHL/MBA to regulate what their employees do under a libertarian system.

I'd forgotten how badass Tim Curry looked as Satan until I saw his post. According to Michael Williams, 155,000 people die every day. Why should tsunami victims be any different?

Anyway, I don't have much else to say about this. I read some of the comments and felt like I was at DU. One guy took a dissenting viewpoint and was just mauled by like three rabid moonbats. So much for open debate about issues. Instead, someone without their picture up photoshops someone who has the guts to have their picture up into Tim Curry playing Darkness(aka Satan), some bald guy, and what looks like a GI Joe.

My main problem with them is that they're assuming libertarians are any more nutty than liberals, and places like DU prove this isn't true. There are no psychotic libertarian sites where people wish death on people (like DUers wish death on our troops and Bush voters).

Micah said...
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Micah said...

There are worse people to be equated to than G. Gordon Liddy.

Don't let the bastards get you down.

TWM said...

I just visited his blog and I must say he did go on quite a rant about you, didn't he?

You sure you didn't turn him down for a date or something?

Steph said...

That guy is an idiot.

That said, it seems that he knows little about libertarianism (if that is indeed a word). We recognize that competition is the best way to increase quality, not as an excuse for big business to run amok. We don't look to be spoiled by the government; any comment that we do is ridiculous, as a libertarian government would spoil people much less than a liberal government (and I'm assuming that guy is a liberal). And not caring about whether or not a random person dies is, usually, because so many people die, one more doesn't make a difference unless he/she is influential or close. Sad, but true.

Just ignore him.

Old Blind Dog said...

Liberals always go out of their way to make sure everone knows that their developement was arrested at the age of 13.

kallen626 said...

There is one thing worse than a young libertarian.....

a self-righteous liberal.

Your tsunami comment really pissed him off. I don't entirely agree or disagree with it, but I am put off at how disrespectful yet expectant the rest of the world is that the U.S. taxpayers finance the bulk of the relief. I've done my part...sent several hundred dollars. Yet I know some liberal jackass domestic or abroad will imply that I, the greedy, lazy, stupid, sinister American, only wishes harm to the tsunami victims. That's not the case, nor do I believe it is not the case in your comment. Instead, I think you're making a legitimate point. Realistically, the U.N. should be stepping up & doing more than any single country. Instead, they will insist that U.S. foot most of the bill & demean us all along the way.

18Bravo said...

Evil no, insanely beautiful yes.

Bowly said...

No, Socialism is evil.

rox_publius said...

Eh, moe-rons abound.

Don't sweat it.

Charles said...

Evil? Doubtful. I would go along with beautiful. Maybe you are just naughty and he remembers you beating him in a foot race in kindergarten all those years ago? Or you wouldn't let him play fire truck on the playground in grade school? Those kinds of sleights do fester over the years.

Feenomenal said...

You're not evil, and you're exactly right. It isn't our government's responsibility to spend our money to support disaster victims. It is our personal responsibility.

This is what people don't understand about Libertarianism. I am not greedy; I simply want my personal rights to determine where and how my money is spent. I don't expect the US Government to make that decision for me. In the specific case of the tsunami disaster, I'd prefer to give directly to a private charity who supports disaster victims rather than just know that GWB has decided to give my money for me.

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