Thursday, January 06, 2005

Lawrence Kudlow has a blog?

Does this blog really belong to Lawrence Kudlow?

I'd have thought a guy with his own TV show would have a computer programmer set him up with his own domain name and design a nice looking template, instead of using the free template and free Blogger hosting, like I do.


TWM said...

Simplicity, my dear, simplicity.

A. C. Quinn said...

This begs the question?

Why don't you get a domain name with a nice looking template?


AnotherGeek said...

Hey Libertarian Girl,

I blogged your blog, hope you don't mine. Hey I am really interested in getting a job with a government agency and I really want to test the waters in Washington D.C. Could you email me please at



Jeremy said...

Suggestion: lose the pink background. It's making my eyes burn :-)